Extinction Rebellion is made up of people of all ages and backgrounds from all over the world. From under 18 to over 80 year olds – there are thousands of people willing to put their liberty on the line to fight the climate and ecological emergency and protect biodiversity and atmospheric health.

We don’t align with any political party and welcome people who vote for all political parties and none.

We are working to improve diversity in our movement. We don’t think it is helpful to set this up as a fight between the “left” and the “right”, we have an enormous challenge before us, we believe we need to lay down our differences and find our common ground.

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All our actions are born from democratic ideals, and based on facts that scientists have been telling us about for 40 years. Extinction Rebellion is not a movement aligned to any political party. Everyone is welcome.

Tell the truth, act now and the citizens assembly are democratic acts.

Citizen’s assemblies have a long history within UK democracy. We are calling for a particularly type of assembly in which the members are chosen at random - like a jury - to reflect the wider population, but reflecting the demographics of our communities (e.g. age, gender, ethnicity, social class).

The climate emergency is everyones problem. We welcome your support, no matter who you vote for, or whether you vote at all. This is not about the conventional political divides. We are all in this together.

This is beyond politics.

Rising Up! was founded by Roger Hallam, Gail Bradbrook, Simon Bramwell and others.

In Winter 2016 we were joined by Stuart Basden, Ian Bray. Other founders of Extinction Rebellion campaign include:

  • Robin Boardman
  • Clare Farrell
  • Nils Agger
  • Frieda Luerken
  • Sibi

We are a decentralised organisation – anyone can do things in the name of Extinction Rebellion if they agree with and adhere to our principles and values – people don’t need anyone’s permission on that basis.

We have a self-organising system. Power is invested in roles through the use of mandates rather than held by people. It is a creative system that grows in response to the organisations needs.

We organise in circles focussed on actions, political strategy and movement support. Teams focus on Media and Messaging, the Citizens Assembly, Finance and Fundraising, Legal, Training, Actions, Art, Tech and Communities, Internationalist Solidarity team and a Guardians team who link to an independent Counsel for support and guidance.

An overall anchor circle meets to share information and resolve issues that lack clarity.

For the rebellion period a Rapid Response Team was established to make faster decisions on strategy and issues, this include representatives from various UK based teams. We are considering how well a structure works at a UK national level. This structure may be useful to copy in other circumstances, but other countries, local groups and so on, in this way a fractal structure. We are figuring all this out with support of a Self Organising System Team.

We host regular meetings every Monday at 6:30pm (or 6pm for newcomers).

The Breadshed,
126 Grosvenor St,
M1 7HL

For more information see our contacts page.